Do you remember where this little goose is located in Rochester, MN?

This local art piece was designed by a local SEMVA artist.

Where am I?

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Where Is It Wednesday Reveal

This gorgeous goose is one of nineteen geese painted by local artists as part of  a Rochester Art Council project done in 2009. Local businesses such as Custom Alarm, Rochester Airport,, Olmsted History Center, Olmsted Medical Center and Home Federal Bank sponsored the geese. Local artists such as Ann Riggot, Karin Neuvirth, Gayle Dahl and Jane Belau painted each goose with their own artistic vision and flair. This goose can be found in downtown Rochester on Peace Plaza. We believe is is the one painted by Gayle Dahl, local artist and member of Southeastern Minnesota Visual Artists. The rest of the geese (those that survive today) are spread around town. You'll find them in all kinds of fun locations such as the Post Bulletin, Rochester Honkers, Rochester Public Library and even in a few parking ramps. 

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