Written by Lois Marris, RE/MAX Results

RochMNHomes.net Open House To-Do List

If you're thinking about buying a home one of the best ways to start seeing what's available is to visit open houses. The listing agent is available to answer your questions about the house and the home buying experience. Plus, you'll be able to get a good idea of what you like, what styles and floor plans work best for you and what is available in your price range.

Make the most of your open house time with these 5 easy tips.

RochMNHomes.netCheck out the neighborhood

This is the perfect time to check out traffic flow, nearby parks, neighbors, etc. Does everyone park their car on the street or in the garage? Are neighbor's yards clean, well kept, free of junk? Are area homes in good repair?

Look for signs of a healthy and safe area such as people outside playing and walking. Better yet, walk around yourself and strike up a conversation with neighbors, they love to chat about their neighborhoods and will often spill the bad with the good.

RochMnHomes.netBring your Needs/Wants lists

Before house shopping, make a list of your absolute needs and another list of your wants. Check to make sure this home has all of the needs (4 beds, 3 baths, 2 car garage, etc). If it doesn't, move on. If it does, check to see if the home has the major things on your "want" list.

RochMnHomes.net Things to Do At An Open HouseCheck out the floor plan

This is one of the most important things. Look for good traffic flow, natural lighting and consider views from the windows. Try to imagine yourself in the home and visualize how the floor plan would work for your lifestyle.


Open House Etiquette

Getting Ready to Buy A Home

RochMnHomes.net Things To Do At An Open HouseCheck out the condition

Things are probably tidied up quite a bit and the home likely looks "show ready". Take a look past the showing stuff and look at the condition of the home. Focus on the spendy items such as roof, windows, flooring, furnace, A/C, etc. 

RochMnHomes.net Things To Do At An Open HouseCheck for water intrusion in the basement

If you live in an area with basements, such as Minnesota, take a quick look for signs of water seepage in the basement. It is a common occurrence in our area so don't panic if you see signs of previous water intrusion, rather, find out when the water seepage happened, what was done to fix it and if it has happened since.

RochMNHomes.net agents of RE/MAX Results Are Ready To Help

This list will help you make the most of your open house experience. Of course there is much more to the home buying process and a good agent will help guide you through the entire process. If you are looking to purchase in the Rochester, MN area, call/text us for more free advise: info@RochMnHomes.net, 507-398-3251.

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