Open House Etiquette and Tips

Open houses are a great way to see a variety of homes before making your final buying decision. This weekend there are 49 open houses in Rochester Minnesota alone and more in our surrounding communities. Before you head out for a day of some serious house hunting, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. We're short on inventory in Rochester so homes are selling quickly. If you're serious about buying soon you should have a pre-approval letter. If you don't have one, call/text/email me and I can help.

2. Wear comfy shoes that are easy to remove so you can quickly take them on and off.

3. Remember, the agent in the house works for the seller and works in the seller's best interests. In my opinion, buyers should have their own agent providing them council on the buying process. and working in the buyer's best interests. A buyer's agent is usually free for the buyer (the sellers pay).

If you don't have a buyer's agent, I'm happy to help, just call/text me, 507-398-3251. I'm around all weekend so don't hesitate to call.

4. Please sign the registry. It lets home owners know the agents were doing their job and they had some turnout. 

5. Be mindful of what you say and do in the house as some homes have video/audio security systems. For example, don't say "I'd pay full price for this house!" or you'll jeopardize your negotiating power.

6. It's a weird feeling for sellers to have strangers walking through their house. Please just view the house and don't open dresser drawers and other personal items. Respect home owner's privacy as much as you can.

7. Plan a few bathroom stops between open houses. If you're at a house and you gotta go, you gotta go. Just check with the hosting agent to make sure the toilet works and the water to the house is turned on.

8. Go ahead and give the agent your feedback. It's very helpful the agent and the home seller.

Enjoy your weekend of open houses!