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Once you've decided to sell your home it's important to put your best efforts toward selling it in order to get top price and a quick sale. Here are 3 common mistakes home sellers make and how to avoid them.

#3 common home seller mistakes - ROchMNHomes.netOverpricing your home

You want to get the most for you home, after all it is the largest investment most of us make. There are many ways to prepare your home to get top dollar but if you over-price it, you are likely doomed to a long sales process, frustration and possibly even selling for less than it should.

Use your agent to determine what today's home buyer is willing to pay for homes similar to yours. Instant automated home valuation reports are available at www.RochMNHomeValues.net. Our agents can also prepare a more finely tuned Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) for you. Email: info@RochMNHomes.net

3 Common Home Seller Mistakes - RochMNHomes.netClutter and Dirt

Buyers in retail stores often want a discount when a product is dirty or is less than perfect. This buyer attitude applies to housing as well. If your home isn't decluttered and clean buyers won't offer top price for it and may not offer at all. A first and easy step to decluttering is to pack everything you won't need in the next 6 months and place it in storage. After you declutter then clean like crazy! Aim for sparkle!

3 Common Mistakes Made By Home Sellers - RochMNHomes.netPoor or Dated Condition

Retail buyers aren't likely to pay top dollar for something in need of repair or old inventory. Home buyers behave the exact same way! Home buyers will often reject a home in need of repair and move onto the next house on their list. Dated decor can also hurt you.

Dated features such as older tile, kitchen cabinets, etc can often be given a fresh look by simply updating the paint, rugs, art work. My advice is to fix things that are broken, update the easy stuff and freshen the look as much as possible. 

Get Instant and free home valuation reports at www.RochMNHomes.net

Get instant and free home valuation reports at www.RochMNHomeValues.net

At RochMNHomes.net we understand you want top dollar for your home and we're here to help you get it. We understand that you can't always clean, declutter, repair and update the way HGTV and articles like this make you think you can. We get it. That's why we will happily meet you where you are at, in your reality and then kindly guide you through entire home pricing and selling process.

Free Consultation - Get Ready to Sell

We provide a free home review for Rochester MN area home owners considering a sale. We'll take time to meet with you, discuss the home selling process and do a home walk-through. At the end of our visit you'll have a nice "To-Do" list designed to help you get the most money for your home when you decide to sell.  In Rochester, contact us at info@RochMNHomes.net or call/text 507-398-3251.